Welcome to Sirius Sunlight Glass Studio

Custom Stained Glass by Jill Engels
Hot Glass Art by Chuck Pound

Sirius Sunlight Building 1892

Here at sirius sunlight we get to play with art glass such as stained glass, marbles, glass icicles, Christmas ornaments and much more. Please have a look around our website and maybe drop by our online store and purchase some of our art glass for yourself or for a gift.

You can find our shop in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. We are open most days but you might want to give us a call if you are traveling far, just to be sure! Take a look at  MineralPoint.com for more information about what Mineral Point has to offer. Small town living at it’s finest!

If contemporary marbles are your thing, please take a look at siriusmarbles.com. Check the Sirius Marble Gallery for examples of Chuck’s work.

Thank you for visiting our website!
Jill Engels and Chuck Pound